Friday, December 4, 2009

Berrien Co. Sightings

25 Nov 09
Tiscornia Park, St. Joseph, MI
Van Buren Co., Hartford, MI
Red-Throated Loons
Horned Grebes
**Little Gull (lifer)

Rufous Hummingbird (outskirts of Hartford)

Winds were high on the day we went to Tiscornia Park at St. Joseph, MI Winds 15 mph+ out of the SW did not make for conducive conditions on the pier.
Found the Little Gull right off the bat but the Ancient Murrelet was not seen the day we tried nor has it been relocated since.
The Rufous was a good find while being patient. Allen's Chartier statement about this bird would not be able to be identified from the field rang true. It looks like a simple green female Ruby-Throated. For argument sake, if it was a Ruby-Throated that snuck in there it would be a hell of a find as well this late in the year.

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