Friday, February 5, 2010

Lapeer County 2010 Sightings

7 Jul 10
Lapeer SGA (Barnes Lake Road) and other areas
A nice stroll in the fields produced ample amounts of Vesper and Grasshopper Sparrows, and a Brown Thrasher at the south end. Kestrel was found on the hunt as well.
Sedge Wren found at Millis and Norway Lk Rd, about 100 yds before the do not pass sign a few were singing of course in the nice Sedge grasses for them. Landed bird #100 on the trip, marking it as my 8th county in Michigan with at least 100 or more.

6 Jul 10
Ortonville SGA
Discovered ample amounts of Scarlet Tanagers along Fox Lake Road. Not able to locate Cerulean or Acadian Flycatcher on this short trip. Other birds worth mentioning were Veery, Yellow-Throated Vireo, American Redstarts, and Ovenbird.

5 Jul 10
Water Tower Park
A quick walk through this small park yielded a few good birds. Best looks at an Osprey persistently hunting down fish while being persistently pursued by less than happy Kingbirds. Great show! Green Herons and a Cormorant were also present.

20 Jan 10

Seven Ponds Nature Center, Lapeer Co. Roads
Seven Ponds: Purple Finches
Lapeer Rds.: 2 Pheasant at Farley & Hollow Corners.
Plenty of Turkey on Hollow Corners.
More Red-Tailed Hawks than I can remember.

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