Saturday, February 6, 2010

Macomb County 2010 Sightings

2 Apr 10
Wetzel State Park, Canal Park
Wetzel was the place for ducks! The southern most ponds from the main entrance held Shovelers, both Teals, Wigeon, and Ruddy Duck.
7-8 Rusty Blackbirds.
Canal Park had ~25 Herons on the rookery
1 Carolina Wren

13 Mar 10
Stony Creek Metropark
Waterfowl variety and species counts have significantly picked up.
The bridge area n. of 28 mile is almost completely open.

17 Feb 10

Mt. Vernon Ct. downriver from Stony Creek
American Coot
View from the bridge gave a good luck with a group of Mallards.

6 Feb 10
Sunshine Point, Metrobeach Metropark
Sunshine Point:
Ruddy Ducks
C. Mergansers
Gr. Scaup
Both sides of the point have open water with higher quantity on the s. side but the glare made ID's and counts tough.

Cowbirds ~75
RW Blackbirds 2

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