Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oakland County 2010 Sightings

15 Oct 10
Civic Center Park & Oakland Tech Park Trails
After a nice birding lunch filled with raining Juncos yesterday, Civic Center was very quiet this morning. Just a few hundred yards down the road though, the Tech Park was hopping. Once I entered the field area by the river, it was a completely different.
Note worthy...
Winter Wren
Hermit Thrush
Fox Sparrows (first appearance of the fall migration)
White Crowned Sparrow

6 Oct 10
Bald Mountain SRA (N. Unit)
Eastern Screech Owl
Had some time to kill while trying to put the little one to sleep so I started my own owl prowl. After two attempts on Kern Rd., I was successful on Greenshield on the pullout past the park office. This stuff never gets old for me!

11 Apr 10
Home, Civic Center Park
Had evidence of hawk migration at my house today. Cooper's and SS Hawks were circling overhead ~12 witnessed periodically during the day.
CC Park in Auburn Hills had 3 Brown Creepers, Hermit Thrush, and a Phoebe today. Things are staring to move.

8 Apr 10
Field Sparrow landed by the feeders today. Only the second observation of this species in our yard. There isn't a field worthy of this bird within 2-3 miles.

1 Apr 10
Kirk in the Hills
Island Lake is still loaded with ducks by over a thousand in

Egret count was up to 48
Cormorant count was around 36
Great Blues out numbered at 4

Tree Swallows have finally made there way to northern parts of the county.
Craig Gough informed me that there are some checking out his boxes on his
pond up in Lapeer County the earliest he remembers there.

Found 3 Northern Shovelers dabbling close to the shore at the church
~8 Am. Wigeons
Plenty of what you expect otherwise: Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ring-Necks, L.
Very few Buffleheads and Goldeneyes left.
No Greater Scaups amongst the group, all blue heads out there as far as I
could tell.

Haven't seen any other large duck concentrations of that magnitude since the
thaw in the area.
Wonder what the big draw is for this location. The ducks there have been
around a while. Food must be part of it.

31 Mar 10
Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve
Relocated the Carolina Wren originally found by James Fox at the SE end of the park. Singing away!

22 Mar 10
Beaudette Park
Found a large flock of Grackles, Blackbirds, Cowbirds, and Starlings by the boat launch and among them was a female Brewer's Blackbird. A county lifer for me.
Good bird and very unexpected.

18 Mar 10
Orion Oaks
Lapland Longspur (1) between trail mark 2 & 3, closer to #3. Very cooperative bird.

6 Mar 10
Detroit Zoo and Home
Killdeer heard at the Camel exhibit
Turkey Vulture seen at the Palace and 4 seen at the zoo.
RWBB's came to my feeders this morning
Grackle singing to me as we got home.
Spring is on the way.

5 Mar 10
Telegraph Loop
Met up with Bob and Judy Setzer to point out some spots along the Telegraph Loop.
Kirk in the Hills Church didn't have the nesting Herons yet. Linda Kasenow did however report GB Herons nesting at Kensington today to match my report listed below, so I would imagine that they will be very soon.
Most locations I pointed out along the loop were still frozen over but we did have success with Redheads again at Loon Lake perimeter points.
~20 Redheads, 2 Hooded Mergansers at Farner & Dixie.
2 more Redheads at the N. end of the lake.
Didn't make to Dawson's Mill Dam (Beaudette) or Fish Hatchery today.
Best weather so far this year! Very fun trip with some truly wonderful people.

4 Mar 10
Chrysler Tech Center (Squirrel Rd.)
Great Blue Herons beginning to nest in the rookery area by the testing track seen from the road.

3 Mar 10
Loon Lake Perimeter, Fish Hatchery Park, Dutton Fields
Redheads (2), Hooded Merganser (1), Wood Duck (1) found at the N. end of Loon Lake.
C. Goldeneye (1) Bufflehead (1) found at Fish Hatchery, also relocated the GW Teal pair in their same spot across the road at Drayton Plains N.C.
Not able to relocate Snow Buntings, Longspur flock at Dutton Fields, small pocket of Horned Larks present.

18 Feb 10

Dutton Fields, Beaudette Park
My little dirt patch is starting to bring in some birders. Janice Olesen posted that Longspurs have joined my dwindled group of Snow Buntings. What was ~60 is now 20. I suspected Longspurs among em' and here they are! Thanks Janice, good birding. Great looks can be found e. of Culvers just before the Marriott. They are on the e. side of the drive camping out on a strip of straw. Great looks and a county lifer (#172) for me just a couple of miles from my house!

Beaudette has slowed down with the thaw. Ample open water, Buffleheads have joined the bunch but again absent were Scaup, RN ducks, no Canvasback this time either, and the black billed swans were not present.

17 Feb 10
Snell Road Farm
Wild Turkeys just past county line

12 Feb 10
Wixom Rd. Exit
Horned Larks flying in as I drove down 96.

5 Feb 10
Drayton Plains Nature Center, Fish Hatchery Park, Loon Lake (2 locations)
Fish Hatchery Park: 1 Common Goldeneye, 3 Black Ducks Plenty of open water with surprisingly low number of duck species.
Drayton Plains N.C.: 2 Green-Winged Teals. I would suggest parking at Fish Hatchery Park and walk across Hatchery Road to the sidewalk on the Drayton Plains N.C. side to view the ducks. Walking from DPNC would give you a 15 minute walk to the small pond and will likely scatter the ducks. They were still present when I left them.
Loon Lake (Farner Av & Dixie Hwy): 7 Canvasbacks
Loon Lake (Schoolhouse Dr.): 2 Gadwall
Just w. of Clintonville Rd. there is open water running from Loon Lake to Schoolhouse Lake, and Lake Oakland. No real good spots to observe the ducks expect from the subdivision bridge. The neighbors gave me an odd luck too so roll down your window and tell em' you are looking at the ducks!

2 Feb 10
Dawson's Mill Pond (Beaudette Park)
38 Hooded Merganser * a park record for me
3 Trumpeter Swans * park record
Did not find RN Ducks or Wood Ducks on this trip.

22 Jan 10
Dawson's Mill Pond (Beaudette Park)
Belted Kingfisher

21 Jan 10
Orion Oaks (bark park)
Golden-Crowned Kinglets pair at the first row of large trees walking s. inside the A gate area.

19 Jan 10
Novi Wetlands, Robert Long Park
Northern Shrike at Novi Wetlands
Northern Pintail at Rob. Long Pk.

15 Jan 10
Dawson's Mill Pond (Beaudette Park)

American Black Duck 17
Mallard ~300
Canvasback 5
Redhead 4
Ring-necked Duck 4
Common Goldeneye 1 female
Hooded Merganser 25

Species diversity picked up with this trip. Wood Ducks were not found this time at their usual s. end location.
Still seems to be low overall quantity. Found open water on the W. end of Otter Lake that could be taken some numbers from Beaudette.

2 Jan
Dutton Rd. Fields/Landfill Area
~60 Snow Buntings
3 Turkey Vultures on 3 Jan
Notes: Same group I posted on December 13th. Haven't good enough looks to pick out if there is a Longspur with them.

6 Jan
Beaudette Park, Cass Lake
Dawson's Mill Pond (Beaudette Park)
18 Am. Black Ducks
14 Hooded Mergansers
3 Wood Ducks
1 Coot
1 Great Blue Heron

Numbers of variety were down leading me to believe there is still open water out there.
So... I went alookin' for it.
Square Lake- small patch of open water on the s. side (Ward Rd.)
No Ducks
Cass Lake- open water on the w. side, best views likely from Dodge St. Pk. 4
Bald Eagle flew across the lake.
Crystal Lake- no open water except by the dam.