Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birding in 2010

This has been a very busy year for me with a new member added to the family and bigger work commitments.

Nevertheless, I have kept things going with local birding and added in a trip to Illinois in May for some of the southern birds. 30+ mph winds and a flat tire on Day 1 didn't help but we were still able to go over the 100 mark.
Added some nice additions to the life list with Blue Grosbeak (nemesis bird), Chuck-Will's-Widow, and Loggerhead Shrike. All possible in Michigan of course but just a bit easier down there!
This year I have been working on adding county lifers to Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, St. Clair, Oakland, and Macomb here and there.

With little time for hobbies I haven't been updating the county lists as I would like to but will be more diligent in the fall.

Best wishes to all.
Ed Lewandowski